4 Ways To Airplay To Nvidia Shield TV [Screen Mirror Guide]

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In today’s world, streaming content from your mobile devices or computer to your TV screen has become a staple of home entertainment.

Using Airplay devices we will talk about how to maintain your favorite content to your NVIDIA SHIELD TV of your Apple devices using Airplay.

Using NVIDIA SHIELD, your average television can be turned into a smart TV. Your content can easily become Cast to airtight.

Quick Guide

AirPlay to Nvidia Shield using iPhone = Turn on Shield TV > Go to Playstore> Install AirScreen app > Connect iPhone and Shield TV to the same Wifi > Go to iPhone Control Center > Screen Mirroring > Select Nvidia Shield TV.

AirPlay to Nvidia Shield using Mac = Install AirScreen app > Connect devices to same wifi > Go to Control Center on Mac > Click Airplay > Select Nvidia Shield TV.

    How to AirPlay Nvidia Shield Using Your iOS and Mac Devices

    Although the Nvidia Shield doesn’t have native AirPlay 2 support, you can use a third-party app to Airplay from an iOS device to an Nvidia Shield-connected TV.

    How to AirPlay to Nvidia Shield using iPhone

    Here we use AirScreen as third party application. Apart from this there are other applications that can be used.

    Step 1. First connect your Nvidia Shield to TV.

    Step 2. Then turn on your TV and go to its Play Store, type AirScreen and find the app.

    Step 3. Now press the install button there and install the app.

    Step 4. Then launch the AirScreen app and enable permission to Airplay its content.

    Step 5. Now connect your iPhone and TV to the same WiFi network.

    Step 6. You go to iPhone’s Control Center and tap on its Screen Mirroring option. You can select Nvidia Shield TV from the list of available devices there.

    control center airplay

    Step 7. Now you can easily Airplay content.

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    How to AirPlay to Nvidia Shield using Mac

    Step 1. Here also you need to install AirScreen app on Nvidia Shield.

    Step 2. After that launch AirScreen app on Nvidia Shield TV.

    Step 3. Grant permissions to the app.

    Step 4. Connect the Mac computer and the Nvidia Shield TV to the same WiFi Network.

    Step 5. Now click Control Center on Mac and select Screen mirroring there.

    Now you can see Mac screen on Nvidia Shield TV.

    How to Screen Mirror to Nvidia Shield TV Using AirDroid Cast Web?

    You can use this method to Airplay to Nvidia Shield TV without using a third party app.

    AirDroid Cast Web is a web-based content streaming service.

    Step 1. For this, the first thing to do is to go to the AirDroid website and Download AirDroid.

    Step 2. Go to webcast.airdroid.com for that.

    Go to webcast.airdroid.com for that.

    Step 3. Now wait for its QR code to appear. And accept the permissions there.

    Step 4. Now scan the QR code there using your iOS device. Enter the code.

    Step 5. Select Share PC screen without WLAN to mirror the Mac’s screen. Enter the code.

    Step 6. Now you can easily stream content from your iOS devices to Nvidia Shield TV.

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    Alternative way to Airplay from iPhone to Nvidia Shield

    Step 1. First go to Nvidia Shield’s Play Store and find the Screen Mirroring+ app and download it. And Open It

    Step 2. Now it shows a QR code.

    Step 3. Download the Screen Mirroring+ app on your iPhone and open it. Grant permission and click OK.

    Step 4. Now scan the QR code displayed on Nvidia Shield. Now it’s related. Now click on Screen Mirror as shown. And tap Start Broadcast.

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    Common Issues Screen mirror iPhone to Nvidia Shield

    Connection errors:

    Make sure both your iPhone and Nvidia Shield are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Audio or Video Delay :

    For this problem, reduce network traffic by disconnecting other devices from the Wi-Fi network and move closer to the Wi-Fi router.

    Solution Problems:

    Adjust the display settings on your Nvidia Shield to match your iPhone’s resolution.
    Make sure both devices support the same resolution standards.

    Software compatibility issues:

    Update your iPhone and Nvidia Shield to the latest available firmware versions.
    Check for compatibility updates or patches issued by manufacturers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    From which device can I stream to Nvidia Shield?

    Smartphones and tablets: Both Android and iOS devices can usually stream content to the Nvidia Shield using compatible apps or casting features.


    Game consoles: Through apps like Plex to some game consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One

    Media Servers/NAS

    Streaming Devices : From streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV

    Can I use AirPlay on Android TV?

    Yes, you can do it. However, there are some TVs that Android TV doesn’t support, and you can use a third-party device for those.

    Does Nvidia Shield work with iPhone?

    Yes, Nvidia Shield works with iPhone. Nvidia Shield is based on Android OS and you can still use iPhone to control it. However, keep in mind that some features may be limited compared to using an Android device.

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