3 Ways to AirPlay on PS5 from iPhone & iPad [Guide]


You may wirelessly stream audio, video, and pictures from compatible gadgets like iPhones, iPads, and Macs to your PS5 by using the AirPlay function, which is a feature that is accessible on the PS5.

You may access your favorite music, movies, and other content from any compatible device and enjoy it on your console with the help of AirPlay.

For a more immersive experience, immediately use the AirPlay capability to reflect your device’s display to your PS5.

With AirPlay, it’s simpler than ever to access your content on the PS5, whether you’re catching up on your favorite TV show, playing your favorite game, or just listening to music.

Can you AirPlay on PlayStation?

Yes, Compatible Apple devices can wirelessly transmit audio and video from one device to another using the AirPlay function. You may broadcast audio from an Apple device to the PlayStation 5 via AirPlay.

Customers don’t need to connect a cable to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or other audio content in the convenience of their living room.

Customers may also stream media from their smartphones to enjoy movies and TV episodes on the console.

Users of the PlayStation 5 may utilize their Apple devices in entirely new ways thanks to the convenient and helpful function known as AirPlay.


How to AirPlay from iPhone/iPad to PlayStation (PS5)

Only your iPhone can be screen-mirrored on a PlayStation. Yet there are three distinct methods to do it.

  • Using PS Remote Play
  • Using screen mirror apps
  • Using Let’s View

Cast screen to PS5 device using PS Remote Play.

  1. Install the PS Remote Play app on your iPhone/iPad from the AppStore.
  2. Now, on your PlayStation (PS5), go to Settings → Select Systems → Remote Play.
  3. Finally, enable Remote Play by using the remote.
  4. Launch the PlayStation app on your iPhone/iPad and sign in to your PlayStation Network account with the credentials.
  5. The device will be automatically paired with PS5 and starts casting the screen when signed in to the app.

Screen Mirror to PS5 Using Screen Mirror Apps

Depending on your desire, you may use any screen mirroring program, but remember that it must be appropriate for both your tablet and the PS5 game system.

  1. Blink to Game Base on your console and choose a friend.
  2. You can see a list of menus in the friend’s profile. Select Messages.
  3. Choose to Send a Quick Message after that. Send your buddy the link https://tvee.app by entering it.
  4. Now, select the URL and go to the site. It shows you a QR Code.
  5. Install a screen mirror app on your device and scan the code.

How to cast screen to PS5 using the LetsView app?

LetsView is a multipurpose screening tool that mirrors your device’s screen to a TV, computer, laptop, or smartphone. With the LetsView software, you may screen your iPhone or iPad to the game console.

Install the Lets View app from the App Store on your device, then mirror the screen by following the on-screen instructions. With many capabilities, like the ability to screen record, take screenshots, and more, it is one of the finest screen mirroring applications for the iPhone.

Is screen mirroring the same as AirPlay?

Whether screen mirroring and AirPlay are equivalent when it comes to the PS5 regularly comes up. These are different. Hence the answer is no. Users may wirelessly broadcast audio and video from one device to other thanks to AirPlay, a proprietary Apple technology.

It is a technology that lets users stream media from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to an Apple TV or other compatible device.

On the other hand, screen mirroring allows a user to reflect their smartphone’s display onto an additional device or a bigger monitor. It is a procedure that enables material production from any device to another without requiring specialized gear or software.

In contrast to AirPlay, screen mirroring may be used with any device as long as it supports the required protocols. AirPlay is only compatible with Apple devices.

The PS5 has an exclusive function called AirPlay that enables users to broadcast audio and video from their Apple device to their PS5. A terrific method to use material from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac on your PS5 is this capability, which is not present on any other platform.

What is an alternative to AirPlay?

Players may choose from several other substitutes for AirPlay on the PS5. For instance, the PS5 supports streaming games and other entertainment content using suitable USB devices, such as external hard drives. Also, it enables direct streaming from a PS4 to a PS5, which is possible with the PlayStation app.

Gamers may now stream media to the PS5 using DLNA or media servers using a suitable device. The PS5 supports Wi-Fi Direct, a peer-to-peer wireless streaming technology that connects two compatible devices without a router or access point.

Wi-Fi Direct is a peer-to-peer wireless streaming protocol. This makes it simple to stream content from compatible devices directly to the PS5 without the need for additional gear. Last but not least, the PS5 also supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE) connections, enabling users to pair compatible devices with their consoles and stream content from them.

Is AirPlay better than Chromecast?

Streaming entertainment to your PS5 from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is a breeze with AirPlay on the PS5. You can transmit audio and video from one device to another using Apple’s exclusive technology called AirPlay. AirPlay offers a considerably more complete streaming experience as compared to Chromecast.

With an Apple ID, you can control your stream from any device, thanks to AirPlay, which gives you access to a wider variety of streaming applications and streaming at far better resolutions.

In addition, AirPlay’s user interface is a lot more straightforward and considerably simpler to set up than Chromecast. Also, you can stream content from numerous devices simultaneously, which is excellent for gaming with friends or watching movies together.


The PS5’s AirPlay feature is a fantastic addition to the gaming system and can improve any user’s gaming experience. More connection with other devices is made possible, enhancing the game experience. Moreover, AirPlay may stream media from other devices, providing a simple and practical method of accessing material.

Last but not least, AirPlay may be utilized to connect with friends and family and create an exceptional experience that can be shared. Sony has made it easy to enjoy gaming with friends and family with the AirPlay feature on the PS5.

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